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Help & FAQs

Please see the  Contact Us area for information on how to contact the Online Casino support team.



1. How do I Sign Up?

Please fill out the registration form to join the Online Casino. Sign up here. Please input all the information carefully in order to successfully verify your age and residential address.

2. Is it free to join?

Yes. Sign Up is absolutely free. Every new player is welcomed with a generous award of free virtual credits. Use those virtual credits to play the games. If you run out of virtual credits please come back again in 24hours and we will give you another free award of virtual credits.

Can't wait to continue playing? Purchase virtual credits here to continue playing all the games in the Online Casino, for as long as you want.

3. What type of games can I play?

Enjoy a wide range of Slot Games, Table Games, Video Poker, and other exciting games exclusive to the Ocean Social Casino. More games are being added all the time.

4. How do I play the VIP games?

All games marked with a VIP star require at least 50,000 in virtual credits in your Online Casino account to play. Accumulate enough virtual credits playing non-VIP games or purchase virtual credits here to become a VIP and play in the Vip Games Area of the Online Casino.

5. What browsers does this website support?

This site supports the following web browsers:

• Microsoft® Edge (most recent stable version) 
• Google Chrome (most recent stable version)
• Mozilla Firefox (most recent stable version)

• Safari® versions 5.x, 6.x and 7.x
• Google Chrome (most recent stable version)
• Mozilla Firefox (most recent stable version)

If using another browser with this site you may experience reduced functionality of poor performance due to the limitations of that browser. We recommend using the site with the latest version of Google Chrome Browser or Mozilla Firefox web browser.

6. What are virtual credits?

Every player has an account in the Online Casino which contains virtual credits. These virtual credits appear as virtual dollars and are used to play the games in the Online Casino.

7. How do I get more virtual credits?

Use your credit card or debit card to purchase more virtual credits. All major credit cards accepted. In the alternative keep coming back every day to get additional free virtual credits.

8. Can I exchange or redeem my virtual credits?

No. Virtual credits cannot be redeemed or exchanged for money or money's worth at any time. Virtual credits are used to play the games in the Online Casino for entertainment value only.