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Love Meter

Love Meter

Special February Giveaway! Fill the Love Meter with hearts to get a FREE credits package on us!​

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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions apply.
In order to take part in the “Love Meter” campaign participants must make successful logins during the promotional period.
With each login, players will be awarded a single “HEART”.
A maximum of 2 “HEARTS” can be collected daily (24h period) during the designated time slots below:  
·     1st HEART can be claimed upon login from 12:00AM until 11:59AM.
·     2nd HEART can be claimed upon login from 12:00PM until 11:59PM.    
Every time a player makes a successful login in accordance with the designated time slots, the player will receive a “HEART” to contribute towards the final prize at the end of the promotional period and 500 credits, which will be credited instantly to the Credits balance upon login.
At the end of the promotional period, players will receive their final package prize worth of Free Credits as follows:
·     30 - 39 HEARTS = $9.99 worth of credits (19,000) FREE PACKAGE ON US
·     40 - 49 HEARTS = $19.99  worth of credits (40,000) PACKAGE ON THE HOUSE
·     50+ HEARTS = $29.99 worth of credits (60,000) GIFT PACKAGE WITH LOVE
The maximum amount of ”HEARTS” a player can collect during the entire promotional period is 54 “HEARTS”.
Should the player accumulate less than 30 ”HEARTS”  at the end of the promotional period, all of his collected ”HEARTS” will be void.
All winners will be notified by email on March 1st.
The winners will receive their prize upon login following the email winner announcement.
This promotional offer is valid starting February 2nd from 12:00AM until February 28th 11:59PM, 2021