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Daily Login Bonus

Daily Login Bonus

Get up to 2,800 credits daily


Terms & Conditions

• Available once per player per calendar day in ET timezone.

• Bonus credits will be added automatically upon login.

• The daily bonus calendar will reset to day 1 if you fail to log in on consecutive days.

• Bonus amounts are as follows:

Day 1: 500

Day 2: 600

Day 3: 700

Day 4: 800

Day 5: 900

Day 6: 1,000

Day 7: 1,100

Day 8: 1,200

Day 9: 1,300

Day 10: 1,400

Day 11: 1,500

Day 13: 1,700

Day 14: 1,800

Day 15: 1,900

Day 16: 2,000

Day 17: 2,100

Day 18: 2,200

Day 19: 2,300

Day 20: 2,400

Day 21: 2,500

Day 22: 2,600

Day 23: 2,700

Day 24: 2,800


•You must be a lite or full reg member in order to receive the daily login bonus.




Q. What is the daily login bonus? 
A. We give you a virtual credit bonus every day you login which grows when they login in on consecutive days. You are guaranteed to get 500 credits each and every day you login in


Q. How do I get 2,800 credits? 
A. Each consecutive day you log in, you progress through the bonus calendar and move a step closer to getting 2,800 virtual credits for logging in on the 24th day.


Q. How do I get my bonus? 
A. Simply sign into your account each day and your bonus credits will instantly be added.


Q. Why has my bonus calendar restarted? 
A. If you fail to log in on consecutive days, the calendar resets and you start again on day 1.


Q. What happens after day 24? 
A. You will continue to receive 2,800 credits. If you fail to login on a consecutive day after day 24, the calendar resets and you start again on day 1.